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  • Highly qualified and experienced clinical team
  • Standards of care and clinical practices that have been accredited by national and International healthcare agencies
  • High quality medical services available at a low cost
  • Care that is well supported by latest medical technology and infrastructure offered through super specialty hospitals
  • English speaking medical staff
  • A healthy mix of modern and alternative medicine
  • Shorter waiting time for surgeries and procedures



All the patients on Med Visa or MEDX visa have to register themselves with Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival.


The patient must have Med Visa or a Medical Attendant Visa (MEDX) facilitating only two persons to accompany the patient as attendants. Holding a Tourist VISA is in violation of Visa Rules. As the duration of treatment varies from case to case, the medical visa is extendable.


If you are admitted at Drhelp24x7, your C-Form will be send by us. In case you are visiting us on an outpatient basis, we request you to ask your accommodation provider to send your C-Form to avoid legal hassles.


  • Passport and visa, wherein the patient must be on a medical visa. You may contact Drhelp24x7 International Patient Care helpline for visa invite letters
  • Your health /medical history report(s) or any statements relating to the past or ongoing medical treatment
    Copies of Vaccination Certificates (Yellow Fever, Polio, etc.), X-Rays, MRI reports, immunization records, prescriptions, and relevant medical documents including records of previous surgeries. Make sure you have these medical reports and associated medication with you at all times in your bag or carry-on luggage.
  • Carry sufficient currency, traveler’s cheques or credit/debit cards
  • For any specific query or further assistance in organizing documents / travel plans, please contact us at 24 Hr helpline:+91 9991864777.
  • Handling of medical enquiries through telephone, email, etc
  • Scheduling of Appointments and follow-up care
  • Cost estimation of proposed medical treatment
  • Personal escort for medical appointments
  • Language interpretation
  • We accept payment in foreign currency / international credit & debit cards
  • Assistance with hospital admission and discharge process
  • Assistance during inpatient stay and after discharge
  • Assistance with visa application and extension
  • Assistance with medical records and prescriptions
  • Airport Pickup / Drop
  • Assistance with MEDIF/MEDA (Medical Form issued by the Airlines) for return travel
  • Certificate from the Foreigner Regional Registration Office
  • Nursing escort in case of air transfer of sick patients
  • Liaising with Insurance and TPAs
  • Issuing necessary documents like treatment summary, leave letters, etc.
  • Out-patient accommodation arrangements at Rajagiri Guest house or patient’s preference
  • Travel arrangements for sightseeing
  • Organize temporary SIM connection
  • Assistance with flight bookings and rescheduling for return travel